Jeremiah 33(NIV)

6 “‘Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.
7 I will bring Judah and Israel back from captivity and will rebuild them as they were before.”

There are uncertainties and then there are uncertainties. Events of the past few months have created uncertainties of NK’s future in the world’s eyes. But, in the spirit, the plans of our Lord are far from uncertain … the plans to bring NK back from captivity and rebuild with His presence. May our faith be in step with His “certain” promise of restoration and peace to that land and its people. In Jesus’ name. A-men.

We’ll be having our September Prayer Gathering on September 22, 6:00 p.m., at a member’s residence in Bethesda, MD. Please RSVP to (for address) if you are able to attend.

Let’s turn to our Lord in prayer and see His “certainty” fill our hearts for NK.