Mark 16  New International Version (NIV)



12 Afterward Jesus appeared in a different form to two of them while they were walking in the country.

BibleForArticlesA few of our members attended a “Lausanne Movement – Consultation on North Korea” in California. A first of its kind and an encouraging beginning of a new look at the work in NK from a global missions perspective. We heard from the many streams of work in and for NK:  humanitarian (TB, medical), engagement (living among-st the people, education),  underground churches, governmental policy positions, and those who have “resettled” in SK after their exodus from NK.  Seeing just a glimpse of the small portion of the work being done in and for NK, you cannot but feel the rise of hope in how the Lord is moving.  

When He rose, many saw Him in His physical presence and was greatly blessed to be in His presence once again….   Though His physical presence is not yet here, we do see His “representatives” in their physical presence in the land of NK, as they feed the hungry, heal the sick, and comfort those in despair.

So, Lord, we thank you for your “representatives” here who give themselves to your people in NK… May they continue to walk with those in NK who hunger for the presence of your hope, love and comfort. In His Name, A-men.