Feb 2018 Prayer Post

Zechariah 6 (NIV)

“1 I looked up again, and there before me were four chariots coming out from between two mountains—mountains of bronze.,”

5 The angel answered me, “These are the four spirits[a] of heaven, going out from standing in the presence of the Lord of the whole world.
6 The one with the black horses is going toward the north country, the one with the white horses toward the west,[b] and the one with the dappled horses toward the south.”
7 When the powerful horses went out, they were straining to go throughout the earth. And he said, “Go throughout the earth!” So they went throughout the earth.
8 Then he called to me, “Look, those going toward the north country have given my Spirit[c] rest in the land of the north.”

At our last February gathering, we were blessed to hear updates and impressions from many of the field workers doing the work in NK, as they were in town to “engage” national, political and religious leaders ( attending the National Prayer Breakfast week) about truly “engaging” the people of NK for America’s best interest. We heard hope and confidence in the impossible made possible by our sovereign Lord. We felt divine timing at work to move the hearts and minds of our nation’s leaders to restore, continue and enhance the work in NK. And all there could not help but feel the “spirit of the Lord” in each and every servant who continues to live their lives of faith and obedience for the land and people of NK.

So, Lord, may your breath of strength and boldness flow through your servants and may they swiftly move in the “land of the north”, bringing your spirit, your presence and your rest. In Jesus’ name, A-men


We’ll be having our March Prayer Gathering on March 10, 6:00 p.m., at a member’s residence in Ellicott City, MD. Please RSVP to wthomasyi@aol.com (for address) if you are able to attend. In prayer, let’s ride the momentum of the Lord’s transformation of the land and people of NK !


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